How to use (/read) this article correctly

  • Just contact, you can look carefully from the top to the next page according to the directory on the left sidebar.

  • Then learn how to update the firmware, how to write code

  • Every module's doc contains examples at the end of page, you can try it out ~

  • Finally, the interface and parameters of the module are consulted according to their own needs during use. There is a search box in the upper left corner, which can be used well. You can also use the browser's page search function, ie press Ctrl+F, then enter the content to search and press the enter key

  • If you can't find anything, please don't worry, you can go to github's issue (document issue, code issue) Is there any mention of the page (/search)? If you don't have one, you can create a new issue or contact technical support.

  • If pages load slowly, refresh or just wait, or change your network

  • Doc pages generated by gitbook, there may be some error occur when click too fast but network speed not enough, just take care of the url( path ), for example:

Wrong url:


Correct url:


so just change the wrong url, or just back to ( refresh page

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